Please note that all the 2019 forms needed are now on the OCIA International Website @ (Click here to get the latest version of all forms) 

*Field History Form -- List all fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, seed treatment, and soil builders used or planned and include the rate applied per acre (field numbers must correspond with number on ASCS or other maps)

Prior Land Use Affidavit -- This declaration is required for all applicants who have farmed their land for less than 3 years prior to applying for certification. Use it whenever you purchase or rent land from another landowner. It is essential that the field histories be filled out completely. Remember to update your farm map to include this land.

Non-GMO Affidavit -- This affidavit must be completed for all inputs or ingredients purchased or traded. It must be maintained with audit trail documentation and be available for the inspector to review at the time of inspection. If the affidavit is not on file at the time of inspection, this may delay the certification process, or, ultimately, result in denial of certification, as OCIA Standards clearly state genetically modified seeds and materials may not be used on OCIA certified farms.
Please see OCIA Standards 205.105 (e) and International Requirements B3.1, B3.2, and B3.3.

Organic Seed Search and/or Purchase Record

Membership forms for 2019 - MN #1


Membership for OCIA MN #1 is $40.00
Corporate Membership fee per year is $150.00