Welcome to OCIA MN #1---The Minnesota #1 Chapter of OCIA is one of 36 member chapters and 3 Regional offices worldwide. These people have come together to share their vision of organic farming and uphold an organic standard of excellence. OCIA chapters are the grass roots source of crop improvement information, as farmer members meet regularly to share challenges and solutions in all aspects of farming. OCIA certification is a tool for the improvement of organic foods grown in an environmentally beneficial and sustainable production system. As a nonprofit, member-owned certification agency, OCIA is committed to maintaining the high level of organic integrity of its certified services and products. It is also committed to ensuring that its members can access the global market.

Statement of Purpose -- The Organic Crop Improvement Association pledges its dedication to “providing organic crop improvement through professional development of organic farmers and processors, including technical assistance, education information, publications and research”.

Membership Dues and Benefits -- Membership dues are $40.00 per calendar year for OCIA MN #1 & $35.00 for OCIA International. Certification Cost begin $325.00 for the National Organic Program (NOP) certificate. There is additional charge for each certificate that you may apply for. Members receive notice of workshops, conferences, seminars and meetings year round. The quarterly chapter newsletter as well as the quarterly OCIA International newsletter (The Communicator) is sent to all members. A subscription to the Organic Broadcaster is given complimentary with your membership dues. Membership also makes one eligible to be involved in the running of the chapter’s affairs by serving on the Board of Directors or being a part of a committee. Chapter members may also become active on the International level in several committee capacities.

Inspection Cost -- The cost for inspection varies accordingly to what the producer requests. 
2018 Inspection costs are now being prepared and sent out by OCIA International. Projected costs are:  

  • $0-350 acres: $320
    351-1000 acres: $350
    1001-2000 acres $360
    2001+ acres $400
  • Livestock, Greenhouse, etc., Inspection Fee(s): Additional Fee is $100.00

* Please note that if the inspector charges more, the producer is responsible to pay the balance.

How long will it take to become certified? -- Upon receiving a packet from OCIA International  the answer to this question depends on your timeliness in returning the paperwork to the Chapter office. 

OCIA International is an accredited member of the United States
National Organic Program (NOP), ISO Guide 65, the Conseil d'accr←ditation du Qu←bec (CAQ) and the Costa Rica Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG).

OCIA can also assist members in verifying their products' compliance to EU/EC 2092/91 regulations and OCIA Japan is authorized to certify organic products to the Japan Agriculture Standards (JAS).

If interested in joining MN Chapter #1 and would like to receive our application packet, (please specify if a livestock questionnaire is also needed), you may contact Chapter Administrator Lorri Ann Hartel @ 218-253-4907 or e-mail at, and she will make sure a packet gets mailed out to you. There is a $200.00 credit to all NEW members. 

For more information about Organic Agriculture download the Adobe Acrobat PDF file entitled Facts about Organic Agriculture

OCIA International’s web site is:

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